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Consumer protection is important to us
It is important to us, that consumer protection of end customers are respected. This is reflected in the compliance with the code of conduct of DVTM: This code creates standards that consider interests of consumers, politics and economics and provides user-friendly guidelines for operating services. This code will be continuously updated and further developed by a committee of experts and ensures an certification procedure of TÜV. An important issue of consumer protection is the transparency of the accounts of service numbers. Please note that we can only answer questions about the accounting. All questions regarding service contents must be clarified with the service provider. The contact details of the service provider can be found in the itemized bill.
Questions about your mobile phone bill
For questions regarding your mobile phone bill in context with the usage of our Premium SMS services on of our shortcodes or other mobile payment methods provided by us, you can obtain the information about the specified service provider.

Here you can query the itemized bill for your phone bill online:
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